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Partnering with Nova gives your startup a 5 times greater chance of success

We have cofounded over 40 tech startups in the past 5 years

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PetTech, Case study
vidivet case study vidivet case study
PetTech, Case study

Making veterinary expertise accessible, on-demand and affordable to every pet.

“The team at Nova have really challenged my thinking and the direction I wanted to take the business. Without their support I’d have gone to market with the wrong product!”

Ben Sweeney, Founder of Vidivet
Digital Health, Case study
higenie case study higenie case study
Digital Health, Case study

Innovative hand hygiene improving patient safety.

“I’m not from the startup world, I’m a medic at heart. I came to NOVA with the problem of hand-hygiene compliance in hospitals.”

Richard Cooke, founder of Hy-genie
EdTech & Wellbeing, Case study
umii case study umii case study
EdTech & Wellbeing, Case study

Connecting university students to reduce isolation and improve student retention at universities.

“I’m really glad I partnered with Nova to create Umii, I truly couldn’t have achieved what we have without their support.”

Georgia Wheadon, Founder of Umii
EdTech, Case study
welbee case study welbee case study
EdTech, Case study

Helping senior school leaders transform their workplace culture to improve staff wellbeing.

“Nova helped Welbee establish a clear process for understanding our customers and what they needed. As a result we have built a product that has gained traction.”

Mark Solomans, Founder of Welbee
Digital Health, Case study
aquarate case study aquarate case study
Digital Health, Case study

Preventing hydration-related illness through sensor based technology and products.

“Startups can be a lonely venture, but with Nova as my co-founder I’ve had a passionate team engaging with me throughout the process.”

Rebecca Taylor, Founder of Aquarate
EdTech, Case study
picturepath case study picturepath case study
EdTech, Case study

A digital visual timeline app, for children with autism and additional needs.

“By following Nova’s methodologies, we have created an award winning app that is revolutionising the lives of so many autistic families.”

Richard Nurse, founder of Picturepath

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