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Preventing hydration-related illness through sensor based technology and products.


Rebecca Taylor



Product Product

Fluid balance might not sound like something particularly detrimental to a patient’s health, but dehydration costs the NHS over a billion pounds a year within the UK. The current fluid balance monitoring system comprises of nurses verbally asking their patients how much they have had to drink that day and then writing it down. Unsurprisingly, this is highly inaccurate and time-consuming.

Working with Nova, the Aquarate co-founding team created a suite of sensor-based products which digitise existing NHS processes and increase the quality of patient care. Aquarate is already working with a few leading hospitals across the UK, including the Liverpool Royal, and the ready-to-test products will be trialled with patients within the next year.


How Nova Helped

Thorough product and market research enabled the development of technically accurate hardware products for the users. This was critical before going into production due to the time and expense involved in manufacturing. Working with a local electronics manufacturer, the Aquarate team were then able to deliver working prototypes suitable for use in hospitals and patient care settings.

Sensor based

Partnered with a
leading hospital

patient trials

“Startups can be a lonely venture, but with Nova as my co-founder I’ve had a passionate team engaging with me throughout the process. I’ve been able to take an idea surrounding a known problem and follow it through to a tested and validated solution”

Rebecca Taylor, founder of Aquarate

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