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Preventing hydration-related illness through sensor based technology and products.


Rebecca Taylor



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Poor fluid balance monitoring (the control of water levels within the body) is a problem that costs the NHS and private care facilities over a billion pounds per year within the UK. The current system is reliant on nurses verbally asking patients how much they’ve had to drink, or guesstimating this based on water displacement. Unsurprisingly this is highly inaccurate, time consuming and has detrimental effects on patient care.

Aquarate founder Rebecca Taylor came to Nova having extensively researched this area for her final year University project. She knew that there was a better way to do this, and believed the solution could be achieved through sensor based technology.


Since Co-founding with Nova

  • Validated concepts, designs and prototypes through industry user groups
  • Design and production of tech hardware - Mug, Cup and Charging Tray
  • Developed web app monitoring software for patients and carers
  • Creation of brand, website & go to market strategy
  • Secured trials in major UK hospital and care facilities
  • Submitted patent and IP protection applications

Together we’ve been able to create and validate the early product concepts with medical professionals and patients within care settings, gaining valuable feedback that’s shaped the design of our market ready products. Through multiple iterations, utilising rapid prototyping, and multiple interviews, focus groups and user feedback sessions we’ve been able to deliver a product set that delivers value and has buy-in from stakeholders throughout the purchase chain.

Having established mass production costs, supply chain partners, relationships and trials with purchasing decision makers. Aquarate is now in a strong position to disrupt a growing and outdated problem.


Rebecca Taylor

Startups can be a lonely venture, but with Nova as my co-founder I’ve had a passionate team engaging with me throughout the process. I’ve been able to take an idea surrounding a known problem and follow it through to a tested and validated solution

Rebecca Taylor, founder of Aquarate


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