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Gamified, portable hearing tests for children that find standard hearing tests difficult to complete


Alistair Marsden

Product Product

It is predicted that the number of people who suffer from hearing loss in the UK will increase from 12 to 15.6 million by 2035. The Department of Health says early diagnosis in childhood ensures patients are given advice on preventative care and support is provided to those who have permanent hearing loss. Current hearing tests require a child to wear headphones and click a button whenever they hear a sound. However, many children find it challenging to sit still and concentrate for a long period of time, something that is crucial in order for the audiologist to complete an accurate examination.

In collaboration with Nova, the CLIK cofounding team have created a series of gamified, portable hearing tests for children. Turning the tests into fun and interactive games helps to keep a child engaged in the listening task for longer, so audiologists can achieve a stress-free, efficient and improved diagnosis of the patients hearing impairment.


How Nova Helped

Working with a user panel of audiology professionals, the CLIK team designed and built early MVPs to learn and evaluate how the application would work in real-world settings. This enabled the team to capture valuable feedback fast and improve the product to meet the needs of both the audiologists, parents and their children. CLIK is already successfully being used in many practices including; Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, NHS West Lancashire CCG and a number of private audiologists in the North West.

Portable & gamified
hearing tests

Improved diagnosis
of hearing impairment

Improved experience
for patient and audiometrist

“Partnering with Nova on CLIK has allowed me to focus on working with both users and potential customers to develop the commercial model. All whilst delivering insights and learnings back to the product, marketing and technical teams at Nova who have developed a fantastic product that’s exceeded my expectations and is now being used throughout the UK.”

Alistair Marsden, founder of CLIK

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