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Dirty Little Goblins

Streamlining the Dungeons & Dragons experience using mobile technology


Adam Wildman

Dan Leaper

Kenneth Popay

Product Product

The fantasy tabletop game, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), attracts over 20 million players worldwide. The key aspect of its immersive, imagination driven gameplay is limited by players having to manually process huge amounts of data.

Nova, in collaboration with the Dirty Little Goblin founders, wanted to maintain the real-life tabletop nature of the game, so they created a suite of easily accessible digital tools. These could be referenced intermittently throughout the game, providing the maximum amount of information in the shortest time possible. The Dirty Little Goblins mobile application already has over 18,000 downloads and is opened every 35 seconds.

How Nova Helped

The Dirty Little Goblins’ founders met in Nova’s internal innovation programme, Launchpad. Nova formed a Lean Startup team around the Founders and practicing what they preach, identified a vast and rapidly growing market which they fully engaged with through social media. This enabled incredibly fast and thus cost-effective testing of MVPs, growing their idea into a suite of products instead of a single overly complicated solution.


Opened every
35 seconds


“Working with Nova has given us the ability to build something magical. It’s something we’re all very passionate about and without the support and resources Nova has provided, we wouldn’t have had this opportunity”

Dan Leaper, cofounder of Dirty Little Goblins


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