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Safeguarding financial lives


Dr. Dexter J.A. Penn MBBS MSc MRCP



Product Product

Kalgera is a new fintech that provides secure and holistic financial safeguarding to those concerned about their older parents, relatives or any one under their care being scammed. Kalgera delivers security without depriving users of their autonomy in circumstances where they may be otherwise prohibited by health problems or other life events.


How Nova Helped

After gaining valuable feedback from prospective user groups in the community and financial services professionals, the co-founding team evolved the concept to create an MVP which meets the needs of our target users. With development currently in progress, beta trials are due to launch across the UK very soon.

Algorithm to
spot irregularities

Mobile Alerts
for carers

Privacy and Security

“Going through the problems identified by users and really having that scaffolding as a starting point for everything we do, and always taking everything back to the user first has been a huge learning that I’ve had from Nova’s process”

Dr. Dexter Penn, founder of Kalgera

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