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Menu Guru

Using technology to deliver the best dining experience for allergy sufferers


Sunil Mistry

Product Product

The UK has one of the largest populations of food allergy sufferers in the world, but miscommunication between staff and outdated allergy menus leave many feeling worried and unsafe when eating out. In fact, last year, new research released by the Food Standards Agency revealed that 60% of young adults with an allergy avoided eating out due to fears of inflaming their condition.

In collaboration with Nova, the Menu Guru co-founding team created a digital application that lets customers personalise a restaurant’s menu with their unique allergy requirements, showing them which meals they can safely enjoy. By providing accurate information and reducing the risk of miscommunication, Menu Guru helps restaurants improve safety, build trust and attract new customers.


How Nova Helped

Working with a guidance panel of local restaurants, the Menu Guru team designed and built early MVPs for ‘real world’ testing. This enabled the team to capture valuable feedback fast and improve the product to meet the needs of both the restaurant and the customer. Menu Guru is already successfully being used in many North West restaurants including Maray in Liverpool.

Smart, digital menu

Real-time food allergy

Clear communication from
customer to kitchen

“Working with Nova has given me the team, investment and advice to successfully launch my own tech startup. By following Nova’s process I’ve gone from little more than a good idea to a launched product being used in restaurants and helping allergy sufferers like myself enjoy safer dining experiences”

Sunil Mistry, founder of Menu Guru

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