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Empowering tenants to easily manage shared bills


Rachael Namiiro

Product Product

Managing bill payments in shared rental properties is historically difficult, especially in houseshares where tenants aren’t acquainted before moving in. Working out who owes what, chasing housemates to pay their share, and keeping up with bills payments, are all key issues tenants face day-to-day.

Working with Nova, the PaidYou co-founding team created a mobile application that gives tenants on-going bill management support for their household. PaidYou is already working with a group of leading UK estate agents and local councils to run beta trials with their tenants.


How Nova Helped

After gaining valuable feedback from a guidance panel of tenants and estate agents, the cofounding team evolved their idea to create an MVP which meets the needs of both target audiences. With development currently in progress, beta trials are due to launch across the UK very soon.

Working with
leading UK estate agents

bill management

product beta trials

“Working with Nova to build and grow my idea into a successful tech business has been an amazing experience. From the get-go, I realised I was part of a wider team willing me forward, challenging me and looking at my ideas from different vantage points. The distant mentoring they offered also gave me the much-needed flexibility I was after to launch a tech startup”

Rachael Namiiro, founder of PaidYou

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