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Digital visual timelines to help children with Autism progress through their day


Richard Nurse

Product Product

Children with additional needs, particularly autism, can often feel overwhelmed when processing information. Many of those with an ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) are visual learners. Presenting information visually enhances the ability of those with ASD to process information. The current visual timeline solutions require juggling bits of paper, which can be expensive, time consuming, and incredibly difficult to implement should there be a last minute change in plan.

The concept for picturepath was inspired by founder Richard Nurse’s son, Freddie. Picturepath is a digital visual timeline that shares a child’s daily routine between parents, pupils and their teachers. The picturepath app allows teachers and parents to customise their child’s visual timelines and communicate through the app, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring each child is prepared for the day ahead.


How Nova Helped

Working with a guidance panel of SENCOs, teachers and parents of children with autism, we designed, built and tested two apps (one for mobile, one for the web) allowing us to quickly identify how we could make the day-to-day lives of the children in their care easier. The insights of our users drove our development towards making the apps simple and useful. This included linking parent and teacher accounts, giving them shared access to the child's timeline, providing them with a seamless view of their day.

Digital visual timeline
for children with ASD

Mobile and web apps
for parents & teachers

Testing picturepath in
north west schools now

“The free advice and support I received in the run up to pitch for investment was invaluable. By following Nova’s methodologies, bouncing ideas off each other, and working with early adopters, we were able to pin down what picturepath really is and work out how it could help children just like Freddie”

Richard Nurse - picturepath founder

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