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Engaging employees with financial wellness using mobile technology


Jamie Phythian



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With traditional financial advisors charging an average of £150 an hour, financial support is out of reach for the vast majority today. However, the desire to buy a house or save for life events like marriage and retirement are increasingly pertinent. Meaning most don’t have access to the money-management advice needed, at the time required, to achieve these.

Nova’s team and co-founder Jamie Phythian, a qualified financial advisor, created PinPoint. A mobile application that delivers on-the-go financial support for employees, irrespective of their bank balance. PinPoint empowers employees to have a healthier relationship with their finances, reducing financial anxiety which is cited only second to workplace stress as preventable causes of employee absenteeism.


How Nova Helped

Working with a guidance panel made up from HR departments and end users, we designed, built and tested early prototypes and MVP’s allowing us to capture valuable feedback fast. The insights the panel provided empowered the co-founding team to ‘pivot’ from the initial idea of a web application as well as develop much of the functionality that’s contained within the mobile app it is today.

We are already working with a few leading companies in the UK who have provided validation of the product and will be launching at beta stage across their workforces very soon.

Partnered with
leading UK companies


producing beta trials

“The technical support from Nova is great, and the experience and education they have provided as part of my startup team has been invaluable. When you think about it, a single founder would be crazy. You’d have nobody to bounce ideas off and any one person's ideas are never enough”

Jamie Phythian, founder of PinPoint

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