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Playback Live

Making experiences unforgettable with action camera technology


David Allan



Product Product

As more people adopt the ‘live now’ mentality, creating and capturing unforgettable experiences is becoming increasingly important. But with the fragility of smartphones making them unsuitable for capturing many ‘experience activities’, and expensive camera equipment unavailable to most, these memories are often forgotten.

Working with Nova, the Playback co-founding team have created an action camera rental service which connects to an online video editing & sharing platform. Piloting in activity venues across the North West, such as Bubble Football and Ramp Worx, Playback allows people to capture their experiences and easily share them with friends and family.


How Nova Helped

Nova’s team designed a lean programme to validate Playback’s business model, rapidly, with real users. Early access to funding enabled the acquisition of high-quality action cameras for immediate 'real world' testing in activity venues. In parallel, Nova’s Product Team designed and built a complimentary software platform, facilitating the sharing and editing of all captured media.

Video editing and
sharing platform

Access to high-end
action cameras

Piloting across 3 North West
activity venues

“I’ve been so happy with every member of my team. Their work ethic and abilities have really been on point. I’ve had the opportunity to pitch for and gain investment, develop a successful business model, and from day one, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a founder”

David Allan, founder of Playback

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