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Nova Cofoundery SEIS and EIS Fund


I’d like to welcome you to Nova and introduce you to the Nova Cofoundery SEIS and EIS Fund. The Fund presents you with an opportunity to invest alongside Nova in their portfolio of early-stage high growth knowledge-intensive companies, while taking advantage of significant tax saving benefits.

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Investment portfolio

Startup case studies

Each investment the Fund makes is co-invested alongside Nova into a diversified cohort of at least ten early-stage knowledge-intensive companies within Nova’s portfolio. This diversification is large enough to reasonably mitigate the risk of failure across the whole cohort.

The Fund further reduces risk and increases returns by allowing the investor to take advantage of considerable income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax benefits available under either the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme or the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

As you would expect, Nova’s portfolio data reflects their improvement on market norms:

  • Portfolio value growth in excess of 80% year on year, rather than the market norm of 34%
  • Only 54% of Nova portfolio companies fail within 3 years, rather than the market norm of 92%

When combined with the available SEIS and EIS benefits offered by the Fund, this makes a compelling proposition for investors:

  • A 0.2% chance of every company in the cohort failing.
  • A minimum return of 58p in the £1 in the unlikely event that every company in the cohort fails.
  • Target returns of £2.18 in the £1 based on targeted 20% year on year portfolio growth.
  • Returns of £5.70 in the £1 if portfolio growth continues at 83%.

The Opportunity

This 4-minute video explains the Investment Opportunity, the Team, and historical and projected performance.

Nova acknowledge the available market data that suggests:

The Nova team have spent the last 9 years developing the Cofoundery model in order to access this 34% year on year market growth, whilst minimising the risk of losses due to the high 92% failure rate of companies within this market.

The Process

This 4-minute video explains how the Nova Cofoundery process works and more importantly, why it works.

The Cofoundery model works by operationally addressing the 5 common reasons for startup failure:

This in turn reduces the failure rate of individual companies within the portfolio.

The People

In this 5-minute video you will hear from some of our team who explain how the Cofoundery works for both our startups and importantly their founders

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