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Diary of a Tech Startup Founder: Ben Sweeney - VidiVet

Diary of a Tech Startup Founder: Ben Sweeney - VidiVet

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 19 April 22



Ben has had a fascination with animals ever since he was a young boy. From endlessly watching wildlife programmes to caring for his own pets, Ben's childhood dream was always to one day become a Vet.


Having now spent 10+ years across various disciplines in Veterinary Medicine, he is developing VidiVet - affordable on-demand veterinary support for pet owners. From quick questions to in depth consultations, the VidiVet app lets pet owners chat or video call an experienced UK vet for answers in minutes.


“Because there is no NHS for pets, one of the biggest barriers for people seeking veterinary care is money... [VidiVet] is this perfect alignment of owners wanting affordable reliable expertise, and busy vet's wanting more flexibility with their work."


In the video below, I caught up with Ben and his Product Manager at Nova, Kate Birch to discuss where the idea for VidiVet came from, his journey so far with Nova and how the team has navigated its way through the challenges from Covid-19 lockdown. 👇



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