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Early User Growth! Lean Tactics To Find Your First Customers

Early User Growth! Lean Tactics To Find Your First Customers

Paul Dodd

Head of Marketing

Updated 03 February 21



This is the recording from a recent webinar I ran for our Southeast Asia cohort. During the session I shared lots of practical, actionable advice on what works and what doesn't for hitting your early growth targets.

Drawing on my 12+ years experience working with early stage startup businesses I've detailed what I believe to be the biggest mistakes founders make, how to avoid them as well as a BS free guide on where you can find your first users and how to get them onboard.


(Skip to 04:37 to catch the beginning of the workshop 👍)



If you have a question about early user traction that wasn't answered from watching the webinar, put it in the comments at the bottom of the page and I will be happy to answer them. ⬇️ 



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