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Over £1 million invested into 11 of Nova's seed stage tech startup businesses


Andrew Dean

Head of Partnerships

Updated 20 April 22



In our most successful funding round in company history, we have raised over £1 million of investment for 11 digital and health-tech businesses in the northwest. Backing entrepreneurs with a startup ‘idea’, we act as technical cofounders and business advisors, guiding founders through the process of starting a business.


“Q1 saw our most successful funding round in the organisation’s history and we are immensely proud of the founders we will be working with in the upcoming months. Their passion and determination is exemplary and we are looking forward to future successes”, says Andy Davidson, CEO of We Are Nova. “The North West is a hot bed for digital talent and our recent round of investment is testament to the talent here.”


Nova free startup mentorship to an entrepreneur


At Nova, we offer free mentorship to entrepreneurs, preparing them for their first investment pitches at our free ‘Startup Schools’. Once funding is achieved, we then match the investment to co-found the businesses.


We have been able to develop a unique route to access investment and expertise, without entrepreneurs having to give up their ‘day job’. Our approach encourages founders to focus on their passion in solving identified sector problems, without having to employ a team, source a development provider, pursue angel investment or financially support the project themselves.


With our 170 strong team, our founders are supported across a broad range of disciplines including strategy, customer engagement, hardware and technical software development, design, data analysis, branding and marketing… the list goes on. Rachael Namiiro, one of our successful founders, explains, “From the get go, you quickly realise you are part of a wider team willing you forward, challenging you and looking at your idea from different vantage points.”


The 11 entrepreneurs we funded in our last round are now being supported by our Startup Consultant led teams as they focus on achieving ‘problem-solution fit’. This is where the solution will be tested and refined. Elliott Perks, one of our founders, reflects on this, “I now have a much more credible concept and business model, leaving me in a far stronger position.” We’re aiming to get these businesses, Elliott’s included, from concept stage to a product with traction in the market within twelve months or less.



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Sign up to our free mentorship programme!