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Get Investors To Say Yes With a Business One-Pager

Get Investors To Say Yes With a Business One-Pager

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 19 April 22



When a founder submits their application to Nova, one of the questions we ask is:


Explain your startup idea including the customer

problem, the opportunity you would like to explore and

how you think technology will be used.


And all in 1250 characters or less please (yikes!).


You’re probably sitting there thinking, “how on earth could you describe a business in roughly 600 words?”.  There’s a common misconception with founders that in order to communicate their startup effectively, they need to write a lengthy document. We regularly get founders asking if they can send over a pitch deck with their application, but whilst a deck is a great resource to have at your disposal, they don’t work so well as an initial introduction.


Quite frankly, because investors don’t have the time to read through your 20 page presentation. Instead, sending a one-pager on your business is enough for investor’s to understand what you do and whether they would be interested in learning more about it.


We invited Martin SFP Bryant, the founder of Big Revolution, to Nova for a masterclass in the Art of Brevity. With 10+ years experience in technology journalism, Martin helps startups and growth-stage tech companies to craft high quality content for their products and business. In the session he explains why you should have a one-pager, what you should include, what is a ‘micropitch’, skills on how to keep it brief and what makes a great investor one-pager. 👇







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