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Startup Marketing 101

The Ultimate Startup Growth Marketing Guide For Founders

Paul Dodd

Head of Marketing

Updated 24 March 21



I've been working with tech and startup business for a fairly long time now, supporting them with their marketing and growth activities. I find it really interesting that despite all of the businesses that I work with being in different industries, and at different stages of growth, the challenges they face are often fairly common.


Many of the challenges we discuss boil down to me sharing my understanding of marketing fundamentals, and how to successfully apply them to their businesses. A lot of the difficulty for early stage founders is that marketing is such a huuuuuuge subject, and there's so much misinformation and misunderstanding . I've found it always pays early on to cover a few key points that save founders tons of time, energy and £££ in the long run.


Given this I recorded a guide (linked below) that's roughly an hour long that covers the key fundamentals of startup marketing and my biggest learnings of doing it for the past 10+ years!


Hope you find it useful, if you've got any specific questions add them in the comments at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you!







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