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Health Tech Programme, November cohort - Key Information 🚀

Key information for our health tech startup programme

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 21 April 22



If you are thinking of applying for the upcoming Health Tech Startup Programme  we have added some further detail below covering what to expect, as well as a short video from the team explaining our plans for the programme and testimonials from previous participants. 




Your Application

The first step in joining our programme is to complete the short form on this page. Here we’re looking for you to concisely explain your startup concept, what progress you’ve made to date and your credentials to make it a success. A member of our programme team screens all applications and will reply via email advising of next steps for you within 1-3 days. 


You can apply any time up until the 31st October 2021, and if successful you can begin working through the online ‘venture readiness’ sections of the programme on Leanstack before the official start date on 1st November.


Online Venture Readiness Platform

You’ll get immediate access to our online tools, learning materials and coaching to help you validate, launch and grow your startup. We run this through a programme called 'Leanstack' (you'll be invited to this via email, please check your promotions / spam if not received), here you’ll work through two playbooks to create 3 core deliverables:


A lean canvas. A 1-page business plan that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key attributes and assumptions. It replaces elaborate business plans with a single page business model that allows quickly assess its strengths and weaknesses.


Lean Canvas


A traction roadmap. This does for the financial forecast what the Lean Canvas does for the business plan, allowing you to quickly ballpark the potential of any idea. Giving you a realistic, actionable model that is easy to communicate, test and measure against with key milestone markers.


Traction Roadmap


A 1-2 minute elevator pitch: A short video of yourself explaining the problem you are trying to solve, why it's a real problem, how you plan to/are solving it and why you believe you are the right founder to make this a successful startup. Listen to our podcast on this subject for some guidance on how to do this.


1-2-1 Meetings and Support

Upon completion of the above deliverables, you’ll be invited to a 30-minute conversation with members of the Nova team. During which we’ll talk through your startup, your plans and the progress you’ve made to date. There’ll also be opportunity to ask any questions you may have about working with Nova, and to ask for specific advice related to your startup.


In addition to this you'll have opportunity to book in 20 minute sessions with specific members of the Nova team best placed to help with the precise challenge you're facing.


Interactive Webinars and Q&A sessions

Throughout the 8 week programme you’ll be invited to the interactive webinars detailed below. We also run weekly Q&A sessions with key Nova team members in our facebook group Startups: Founded, Funded & Scaled


Session 1: 3/11/21 - Welcome & Leanstack Introduction

Session 2: 10/11/21 - Forming Problem Questions

Session 3: 17/11/21 - Forming Solution Questions

Session 4: 24/11/21 - Marketing

Session 5: 1/12/21 - How to Craft a Pitch Deck

Session 6: 8/12/21 - Pitch Practice

Christmas Break - (staff still available for mentorship calls to 22/12 and from 4/1/22)

Demo Day: 12th & 13th /1/22

Decisions & Feedback: w/c 17/1/22

Demo Days and Deal Formation

The programme culminates with our Demo Days which will take place mid-January 2022. Here founders/teams will be invited to individual 30 minute pitch slots where they'll deliver a 15 minute pitch plus engaging in a further 15 minutes of Q&A with our investment committee. 


Founders and teams from the Demo Days will be informed of the outcome the following week. Following this we'll engage in a round of discussions with successful founders to agree and confirm our plans to work together.


For teams we decide not to invest in we provide full feedback, advice for the best way to progress and an open invitation to come back and pitch again once progress has been made. 



If you’d like to join the upcoming cohort, running from November, please register here. If you have any questions drop them in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer.




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