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Lifting the Lid; Our Approach to Offshore Software Development

Lifting the Lid; Our Approach to Offshore Software Development

Rob White

Nova's Chief People Officer.

Updated 20 April 22



It’s easy to throw stones at a business that employs a team of people overseas. The Brexit narrative and mainstream press allows for jingoistic drum beating at every opportunity.


But, if you dare lift the lid ever so slightly you will see that offshoring of Software Development is not necessarily the first choice option but one that involves complex management, innovative thinking and complete belief in the teams ability.


There is a harsh reality in the UK; there are more jobs than there are skilled Software Engineers. The Open University report that more than two thirds of employers struggle to fill roles with the right level of skill. Brexit is about to make this even more challenging once the EU talent tap is turned off. IBM predict 1 million unfilled roles in the IT sector. Top Engineers earn 145% more than the average UK salary.


The profound impact we are experiencing from the Covid pandemic is that there is an increased reliance on technology, meaning more roles coming on the market and open to what is already a small pool of appropriately skilled people


Now all this is great for individuals who can operate in a ‘name your price’ recruitment market. Day rates are marching up and salaries continue to rise. But for businesses increasing costs cannot always be met by simply increasing the income line!


Over the last 10 years we have employed a team of Software Engineers in Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, you will notice I said ‘employed’, I didn’t say outsourced, I didn’t say contracted, I said ‘employed’.


Our People objective across all of our offices is to provide an amazing place for great people to work. We do that specifically in Pakistan in a number of ways:


- We allow our team to share in our success - Everyone is entitled to join our share scheme, sharing success at every level.


- Over 40 of our colleagues have visited our Liverpool office and explored the UK through our work visa - This all expenses paid trip affords team members to better get to know each other and skill share more easily.


- Who doesn’t love a free lunch?! We provide hot food daily so our team doesn’t have to brave the 40 degree heat in the middle of the day!


- Everyone has Company paid Medical Insurance and Outpatient Department costs


- We operate a work from anywhere and anytime policy meaning our team benefits from being able to juggle home and work routines more easily.


- Onsite childcare for Mums and Dads who need extra support with their little ones.


- Cricket and Football tournaments for the whole family to enjoy.

These are just some of the benefits on top of what you would expect a good employer to provide - Fully paid maternity and paternity, extra leave when getting married, paid for personal development and salaries which meet and exceed the demands of the local market.


Our approach to our teams welfare, work life balance and overall benefits package is working. Our latest Employee Net Promoter Score sits at +80 and our average length of service in Islamabad is just under 5 years. A different picture from what you may expect but one that my colleagues and I are proud of.




Our team is embedded with major Universities in Pakistan, helping shape curriculum and getting students ready for the workplace through our paid internship scheme. We’ve worked hard to be an employer of choice and will continue to do so during the pandemic and in the new world after COVID.


On a personal note, I am lucky enough to  consider Islamabad my home away from home. I spend around 3 months a year there. I get to spend time outside of work enjoying and immersing myself in the culture of a truly wonderful Country.


Pakistan has been getting ready to open for tourism and for increased business. Virgin Atlantic will be flying several times a week from Manchester and British Airways fly London to Lahore and Islamabad. When the time is right I would highly recommend a visit.


You won’t be disappointed!




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