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New Starter Spotlight - Labiba Kaiser

Labiba Kaiser product manager

Elena Rosewell

Social Media & Community Manager

Updated 01 June 22



We’ve seen incredible growth at Nova in the past six months, welcoming over 40 new employees into our team! We are incredibly proud of the team that we have built and the knowledge and skills that our employees can provide to our startups. 


So I thought it was about time we heard from one of our new starters, Labiba Kaiser, who has joined Nova as a Product Manager. I sat down with Labiba and asked her a few questions, here is what she had to say:


What was your previous experience prior to joining Nova?


“I started working during my undergrad and interestingly with product management. My first internship was with Telenor health, an MNC bringing the first digital healthcare services to Bangladesh. I worked through a product roadmap and built consumer insight reports by talking to customers directly in-hospital concierges or through teleoperator services. After that, I worked in a digital marketing agency as an account executive in client servicing. I managed clients, communicated requirements, and supervised a team. After my graduation, I worked for Uber Bangladesh and Robi Axiata which exposed me to products that have a fast-growing market. It’s funny because my initial experience wasn’t in product management but I fell in love with the aspects of product management.”


Could you tell us a bit about the campaigns that you ran in those roles?


“Two of the major campaigns I worked on were Uber for Women and a collaboration campaign with ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) for Binge. The Uber for Women campaign was something that I am particularly proud of as it focused on bringing new working opportunities to underprivileged women in Bangladesh. The campaign centred around creating a safe workspace for female drivers and raising awareness of what is a relatively new profession for women in Bangladesh. The campaign was quite challenging due to the cultural landscape. We had to ensure them that it was a safe space and minimise their financial risk. To overcome this we partnered with an organisation that works with underprivileged women and has a great reputation. We were also in the process of partnering with organisations that can provide the women with a mode of transport to start working for Uber. This helped us build trust with the target audience and ultimately lead to the campaign’s success. 


The second campaign was for Binge which is a very new platform in Bangladesh, similar to Netflix. We partnered with ByteDance, creating a hashtag challenge for the users of TikTok. We gave people the opportunity to act in a Binge Original program if they used the hashtag. We saw great success from this campaign, with 320,000,000 views on the campaign page and 50,000 new customers for the platform.”


Wow, 320,000,000 views is a brilliant outcome for a campaign! So having this experience, what attracted you to join Nova?


“I have been working in the startup ecosystem from the beginning of my career, every role I have had has been within a startup. Although Uber is a global company, within Bangladesh it’s still very much a startup. So I know how startups work. Going through the exciting projects that the Nova cofoundery has, I was really interested. Plus, I wanted to work in a role where I can leverage both my business and analytics knowledge from my previous experience and this role felt the right fit for me.”


How do you think your previous experience can help our startups and founders?


“I believe my experience of working in the startup ecosystem of an emerging market like Bangladesh, will be very valuable in my journey with Nova. Launching a completely new product, like Telenor Health or Binge, where digital literacy is just growing and building a marketplace for that product, has made me aware of the steps a product needs to go to succeed and the challenges and uncertainties that come with it. I also love communicating with people and clients, which is an essential part of being a Product Manager!”


And finally, what are you most excited about in your role at Nova?


“The opportunities to grow within Nova are endless. I have worked with a single product and specific issue in most places, but acting as a cofounder for businesses with unique solutions opens a whole new world for me. Being a PM, I am involved in every nitty-gritty part of a product journey, starting from the engineering side to marketing and designing, it’s incredibly interesting and rewarding. Currently, I am working with Peasy and it is at the very initial stage. It excites me to find out where we will be able to take Peasy in three months' time and how much value we can create for it. This is an exciting project and the founder is amazing and very insightful. I am working with an amazing team where I am continuously learning. Really excited to find out what other projects I will be seeing.”


Watch the video below to hear more about Labiba and her experience 👇






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