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New year, new startup - Why now is the right time to kick-start your tech startup


Paul Millward

Lead Growth Consultant

Updated 04 June 20



It’s ‘that’ time of year many of us wait for to make a positive change in our lives. Predominantly, these are linked to our lifestyle, health or career, but the new year's resolution that should be top of your list is the development of your business idea. It could be the best change you make in your life.


Starting your own business is often dismissed as a daydream or a potential nightmare, yet every great company started with one person who had an idea. You could be a barber, a university student, or a clinical receptionist and easily have the potential to grow a successful company.


What does a successful business idea look like?

Most successful business ideas are not algorithms developed in your bedroom. If you have an idea that addresses a real unsolved problem, your new business already has a head start. Everything else will come along later.


No time like the present

There has never been a better time to develop your good idea into a great business:

  • Software hosting and development have never been so well served and cost effective.
  • There are lots of low-cost marketing tools and methodologies now easily available.
  • Existing companies have learnt the hard way first, providing a wealth of advice and processes you can follow.
  • The capital to grow is widely available irrespective of your stage of development.
  • Great people want to co-found and work at startups, so you don’t have to go it alone.


Why should you start your own business?

Making some sort of difference in the world is incredibly satisfying, no matter the industry or domain. This is your opportunity to do something with a purpose and inspire others to join and support you on the way.


Your time is your greatest asset and nobody controls it but you. Choose to exploit it - make your own money and create your own legacy.


Change your daydream into a vision and startup now.




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