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£1.4 million investment raised for 12 of Nova's tech startups


Mariel Rubinstein

Articles by Nova’s Marketing Executive, Mariel Rubinstein.

Updated 21 April 22



In our latest round of investment, we’re excited to have raised £1.4 million for 12 digital businesses in the northwest. Marking our most successful raise in Nova history, we’re continuing to discover and mentor entrepreneurial talent, taking founders from startup ‘idea’ to product to market in just 12 months. Our startup ‘hub’ provides everything you need to start a business, from marketing and finance, to development and design.


“Our recent funding success is further proof that our startup school is the best way to kickstart a tech business,” says Andy Davidson, CEO at Nova. “I’m incredibly proud of our founders and I look forward to seeing the businesses continue to thrive as they progress with us”.


Nova startup school mentoring founders


Our 8-week startup school mentors budding entrepreneurs across the UK, getting you ready to pitch for investment and take the next step in launching your tech business. Our unique investment model means you don’t need to put any of your own money into the business, giving anyone with a good idea the opportunity to get started and make a difference. On top of that, we insist that entrepreneurs keep their day job, and instead request only one-day-a-week of your time to work on the startup. In doing this, we’re seriously reducing the risk for first time founders, and it’s a real game-changer when it comes to opening up the startup world to everybody.


"The team at Nova have been amazing to work with and tapping into their expertise has allowed the business to move at the speed it has done” - Sunil Mistry, Nova founder. 

Nova cofoundery team working with a tech startup founder


Of the 12 businesses just funded, which include a construction work marketplace and personalised date idea generator, 2 startups achieved follow-on investment taking them through to the next stage in our process. Here the founders will see their idea develop into a ready-to-test product as well as go to market. “Since working with Nova, I’ve taken what was essentially an idea, and together we’ve began the process of turning it into a real business”, explains Sunil Mistry, one of our founders. “We’re now developing a more commercial product which is really exciting. The team at Nova have been amazing to work with and tapping into their expertise has allowed the business to move at the speed it has done”.  


The 10 remaining businesses will begin working with our startup teams to build a brand and start gaining traction with potential customers. “Working with Nova has been a dream. Not only did they help me get ready to pitch for investment, but they’ve helped to focus in on the goals I needed to achieve in order to grow our business”, explains James MacInnes, one our successful founders. “I couldn’t be happier, and I can't wait to start working closely with the team to take the business further”.


We’re always on the look-out for entrepreneurial talent, so if you have a business idea, get in touch!






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