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One of the UK’s best-known vets joins as cofounder of VidiVet

One of the UK's best known vets joins as co-founder of VidiVet

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 21 April 22



VidiVet joined Nova’s portfolio 18 months ago with one mission; to make veterinary expertise accessible, on-demand, and affordable for every pet. Since then they’ve been on quite a journey. From a fledgling business idea to a fully-developed app that lets users ask quick questions about their pets via a chat or 1-2-1 video consultation with a real UK vet. 


In true VidiVet style, the startup has continued to progress in its development with no signs of slowing down. Having already partnered with Bella & Duke, the leading pet food subscription company in the UK, the team decided to strengthen their portfolio of vets by bringing veterinary expert Rory Cowlam on board as a cofounder.

Rory, better known as Rory The Vet is one of the UK's most popular vets, appearing on tv shows such as Lorraine on ITV and CBBC. He will form part of the senior team at VidiVet and will also be offering online consultations and answering questions that pet owners have. 


Rory the Vet. Image source VidiVet Instagram.


Rory said, "I am delighted to be joining the team at VidiVet. It's an excellent opportunity to be part of a technological solution that helps pet owners access vets from their mobile or tablet. VidiVet removes the barriers associated with seeing a vet such as cost and travel to the surgery and I'm keen to see how the app positively disrupts the sector."


According to Rory, the app is a convenient way for pet owners to get advice from a vet without the costly visit to the surgery: "Over 90% of pet owners' health questions can be answered away from the surgery. VidiVet is saving a huge amount of money and time for pet owners whilst providing them with the support required to ensure their pet remains healthy."


Instead of receiving general answers from an online search, Rory says that the app's question and answer function is a quick way to get personalised answers for pet owners.


We asked VidiVet founder Ben Sweeney about Rory’s recent joining: “As a founder, it can be a lonely journey. To find a cofounder with great veterinary knowledge, who is passionate about VidiVet, is a great asset to the team. 


Rory has a vibrant online community and an impressive professional network. I’m very excited about the opportunity we have to support pet parents all over the UK and globally with him onboard. We are delighted to have him on board with us!”


VidiVet is available to download today for both Android and iOS from the respective app stores. The company is offering a 7 day, no-obligation, free trial. For more information, visit www.vidivet.com 




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