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Nova Founder insights: A Q&A with the Founder of Umii

Nova Founder insights: A Q&A with the Founder of Umii. Georgia Wheadon, founder of Umii and Megan McLatchie, Nova's Marketing Executive.

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 04 May 21



As part of our facebook group live Q&A series, we spoke with one of Nova's resident founders, Georgia Wheadon. As the founder of Umii, she has generated some pretty impressive stats over the past year. With over 5000 students using her University-based connections app, she has helped initiate 18,000 profile connections and encourage over 60,000 messages between students - since the beginning of the pandemic alone!


In the live Q&A, we took the opportunity to ask her what it's like to cofound a startup with Nova, as well as any tips, advice and tactics that she has used to build and grow her tech startup. 👇


If you have any questions that were not covered in the video, put them in the comments section at the bottom of the page and we'll get Georgia to answer them. ⬇️




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