Sell the benefits not the product


Paul Millward

Our Startup and Product development polymath.



Updated 09 November 17

You’ve got a good product and you want to sell it.


Your product might have a long detailed list of features that do incredible things to add value to your users. And you’re thinking ‘ah ha’, I’ll just tell people about them. Then it’ll fly off the shelves.




It might come as a surprise, but your users are real people.


And reading that list isn’t going to make them think you know what, you’re right, this is a long detailed list of features that are really going to improve my life.


Shocking, we know...


So, how do you make people realise that you do in fact have a cool product that they actually want?


It’s all about selling the benefits of your product and not just the features.


1. Features

Your product features are the ‘what’ behind the product. They’re what it is and what it does - its function.


If you were selling a car, the features would be its ability to drive, its acceleration speed and so on.


2. Benefits

The benefits are the ‘why’ behind your product.


Why did you make it? Why will it change people’s lives?


If we go back to the car scenario, the benefits would be something like ‘go anywhere, anytime’. We’re giving the user a better life by enabling them to travel and explore the world at the drop of the hat.


Don’t bore people with the heavy details, tell them how it’ll make their life so much better.

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