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Supporting Our Colleagues During Ramadan

Man praying during Ramadan. Text supporting colleagues during Ramadan.

Elena Rosewell

Social Media & Community Manager

Updated 25 April 22



Ramadan is a time for deep spiritual reflection for Muslims across the world. This year, Ramadan began at the start of April and ends at the beginning of May. It falls at different times every year as Islam is based on the lunar calendar. Ramadan marks a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, with no food, drink (yes, that’s right, not even water!) or anything that is considered a bad habit such as smoking. It’s a time for Muslims to reflect, build on good habits, and celebrate their faith. 


The end of Ramadan is celebrated with Eid ul-Fitr, one of the biggest celebrations of the Islamic year. It is a time for families and friends to celebrate the end of fasting together, share food, and exchange gifts.


During Ramadan, the combination of fasting for up to 15 hours and warm weather is challenging for many Muslims, especially during work. People’s energy levels are low, and on days when the temperature is hot, dehydration can leave people feeling exhausted. This is why it is so important to support Muslim colleagues throughout Ramadan, ensuring that they feel supported and to have an inclusive workplace culture where everyone is respected and valued.


How Does Nova Support Staff Who Are Fasting?


One of our core values is honesty. We encourage our employees to be open and honest in all aspects of their work life. This includes regular check-ins and one-to-ones with their line managers to discuss how we can support each other. This is essential during the month of Ramadan as colleagues may be feeling more lethargic and it’s essential to keep the dialogue between colleagues open and supportive during this time.


At Nova, we offer flexible working hours, which helps our colleagues choose hours that fit their needs. During Ramadan, if our staff feel that their energy levels are lower towards the end of the day then they can choose working hours that suit them best, no questions asked. Additionally, we encourage our Muslim co-workers to schedule meetings for when best suits them, this is often as early in the day as possible to work with their energy levels during the month of fasting. 


We also encourage our staff to take regular breaks for prayer and their well-being. Prayer is an important part of Ramadan and workplaces should try to ensure that Muslim employees have a safe space where they can take time out for prayer. Nova has a ‘Work from Wherever’ policy, meaning that as long as you have an internet connection you can quite literally work from anywhere. This is especially important during the month of Ramadan as it allows our Muslim colleagues to work in whatever environment they feel most comfortable.


We also make sure that we are respectful and stand with our colleagues who are fasting. We have made sure that we don’t play music before our weekly meetings, we don’t drink or eat when we are on calls with our Muslim co-workers and we make sure to encourage and support them wherever needed.


At Nova, we are always striving to be an inclusive, honest and diverse workplace. You can hear more about Ramadan and how we support our Muslim employees from our Marketing Executive, Muzzammil Haroon 👇






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