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Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 21 April 22



Nova was recently featured in the Business Desk’s State of the Region report, as one of the in-depth interviews and expert analyses that made up the series. The article examined our unique approach to fostering and supporting promising startups, with discussion from Chief Marketing Officer Alistair Marsden on the Northern tech economy and its relationship with London. 


A key focus was the ‘simple and effective’ concepts behind Nova’s partnerships, connecting entrepreneurs with the mentorship and funding that they need to eliminate risks and ensure long-term success. Though the North West is a more welcoming climate for startups than ever before, boasting over 13,000 tech businesses and a £4.98bn digital tech turnover. Alistair points out that “Some risks still exist and the whole reason why our business exists is to remove those risks.”


Alistair drew attention to the ever-increasing growth and influence of the North’s tech economy, and the potential offered from Liverpool’s position as the largest wealth management centre outside of London. Nova has assisted in elevating sectors that were already blooming in the North, particularly FinTech and MedTech, using its tools to enable talented individuals who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to progress their businesses. Through collaboration with the likes of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Nova has helped invigorate some of the innovative efforts already being undertaken.


Though a clear division still remains between London and the North, particularly with regards to resources, those in the capital are increasingly looking northward instead of focusing on regional differences. However, Alistair made it clear that the ultimate goal should be national collaboration, commenting that “If we could all come together, not only the North West and Northern Powerhouse, but also London, everyone would benefit.”


Nova’s own growth mirrors that of the industries it supports, with a commitment to support 40 more startups this year on top of the 80 already co-founded, and our recent move to our new headquarters. 


Click here to read the interview in full.

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