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Adapting to a 'New Normal' at Nova

Nova employees on a video meeting call, The New Normal, Covid-19 Lockdown, working from home.

Megan Kearns

Marketing Lead

Updated 06 October 20



Jump back to 63 B.C. (days Before Coronavirus) where for many employers, colleagues working from home may have been seen as an excuse for those less committed to have a day away from the watchful eyes of bosses. Something that negated them somewhat from their usual office commitments. 


Many employers believed their workforce would be less productive, either too easily distracted or unable to communicate and complete work as effectively, as in the office setting. Lacking the belief that 'WFH' was an honest attempt to work in a setting to better suit both parties, and something that would actually benefit their business.


This probably explains why before lockdown, only 5% of the UK's 33 million workforce worked from home regularly. 63 days ago that all changed. Since, millions more have made the switch from boardroom to the spare-room and with warnings that some lockdown restrictions could stay in place till 2021, working from home quickly became the new normal.


To be successful, you have to learn to adapt.


At Nova we've taken this time to reflect on current working practices. And in our typical startup style, used it as an opportunity to run a Lean Startup Experiment to learn how this situation can strengthen our business.


Adopting the mentality of ‘business-as-usual’ , we have continued to co-found startups with great founders, continued to attract investment and deploy it across our portfolio, we've taken our startup mentorship programme 100% online and introduced new internal communication practices. Anecdotally we've seen some great wins from the changes we've made, and our Peakon reports show an increase of over 20% in employee engagement and job satisfaction. 


Below Nova CEO Andy Davidson discusses how we've used the learning from the first weeks of working from home to adapt to our own 'New Normal'. The snippet

is taken from one of our now weekly 'ETownhall' meetings. 👇




How has remote working impacted your working practises, and what does the 'new normal' look like for you and your business? Let us know in the comments below.





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