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The Ultimate Guide To Crafting a Lean Content Marketing Strategy for Startups


Marie Fincher

Guest blog articles by Marie Fincher.

Updated 21 April 22



New entrepreneurs who have recently become fascinated by a startup idea often struggle to cleverly promote it. From finding a dedicated team to getting in touch with an investor to being recognised in the industry, working on your startup is not an easy task.


On the other hand, there are various advertising techniques that might get you somewhere… if you have the money for it. But if you don't, you can turn to content marketing which is basically a 'nearly free-of-charge' way to promote yourself and your startup. Here's how you do it.


Industry Hot Topics

The first thing you should do is to search the industry hot topics. Who is doing what right now? What is everyone talking about? What are the new technologies being introduced? What are the current trends? You must know it all!


You can either try to monitor the activity on the Internet yourself or use BuzzSumo, a tool that finds trending and popular topics. It allows you to sort the most shared articles according to date or content type. If you experiment a little with different filters, you can gather some valuable information and then implement it into your own posts.


The point of finding trending articles is to create similar content that will be even more relevant. Your own posts must be more useful than the ones currently available on the Internet.


Guest Posts

You found the topics that you want to write on. Now what? The challenge that most new entrepreneurs face is the lack of an audience or the inability to find one. You might be an expert in your niche and a master of the written word, but if you have nobody to see it, then there is no point creating these articles. This is where the guest posts come in. By submitting your articles to reputable sites, you will not only backlink to your own website from a reliable domain and improve your rankings but you will also find an audience that will slowly migrate to your site.

To find blogs and websites that allow guest posts, either look in the Guest Posts Directory or search for them yourself by using Keyword + "contribute" or "write for us" or "become a contributor" or "guest blogging".


Niche Topics

Alright, industry hot topics are important to be relevant at a certain moment. But what about staying resourceful in the long run? How can you produce quality content when there is nothing to talk about?

This is why niche topics are important. If you write about the unexplored matter in your industry, you will accomplish three things:

  1. You will establish yourself as an expert in that niche
  2. You will be facing less competition
  3. Your brand will stand out of the crowd

If you specialise more on broader topics and don't know how to focus on specific ones, you can always hire a professional writer from Trust My Paper to write your content for you. You don't have to worry about such things when there are people who specialise in these topics and can create the content you need.


Visual Content

As much as written content is important, visual content still beats it in so many ways. From photographs to illustrations to infographics to videos, visual content is everywhere you look, be it your Facebook feed or a Forbes article. Of course, some of these types of visual content are harder to produce than others. For example, to make a decent video, you will need more information and skill as well as good equipment, while an infographic can be made on your own by using simple online tools.

If you are not sure where to start, you can first try working with images and implementing them into your content marketing strategy. Use Canva or similar software to quickly edit your pictures and post them along with your written content.



Lately, even major brands have started using influencers as a part of their marketing campaigns. After all, these people have an audience that is already interested in the specific niche that the influencer specialises in.

So, for example, Oriflame which is a cosmetics brand, may want to partner with Jeffrey Starr, an influencer that is known for his makeup tutorials. This way, Oriflame can be sure that their product will be promoted to people that are clearly interested in makeup instead of targeting a big group of random people.


To find influencers in your niche, you can use such tools as HypeAuditor and similar ones. HypeAuditor, for instance, ranks the most popular influencers on Instagram. But there are websites that specialise in other social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and so on.


Social Media

Promoting yourself on social media is perhaps one of the best ways to get exposure. While guest posts will link back to your site, social media will help grow an audience that you can engage with to get feedback, build good customer relationships, and more.

Instead of jumping right in and creating dozens of accounts on all kinds of platforms, think about where your startup would fit in the most. Try to choose two or three social media sites at most to be able to successfully manage them.


By the way, if you will be doing this on your own, it would be a great idea to have all of your accounts in one place. Use CoSchedule to be able to control your social media accounts and schedule posts beforehand.


Regularity & Timing

Alright, you have an account or maybe several of them. You create a nice-looking post, publish it on all the platforms, and… nothing happens.

The problem here may be in several things. First, you could have simply forgotten to add the relevant hashtags for your audience to be able to discover the post. Second, you might have made it not very appealing (if you didn't include any visual content). But more often than not you simply posted it at the wrong time. In order for your social media marketing to work, you should be posting regularly at times when it is most convenient for your audience, not for you. If you know they just woke up and grabbed their phone to check the timeline, then here is your chance to be seen.


Professional Help

Lastly, you should look for professional help. Working towards your dream may be very tiring if you are doing it yourself, so it may be a good idea to seek help from professionals.


Contact Nova to get assistance from experts in the industry. They will show you how and what to do to turn your startup into a successful enterprise.



All in all, content marketing for startups is not as difficult as it looks at first glance. In fact, it is very similar to content marketing for any other business! You just have to follow the steps outlined in this article and stick to the advice that will ultimately guide you on your journey to success.



Marie Fincher is a content writer with a background in marketing, technology and business intelligence. She also does some editing work at GrabMyEssay and Studicus. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people.



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