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What do 2018's design trends mean for your tech startup?


Brieanna Whyatt

Digital Designer

Updated 20 April 22



Following design trends can be an effective way to keep your content relevant, but do startups need to follow trends to be successful?

Practically every design-based website has their own opinion of what the best and biggest trends will be this year. We have compiled a list of the most common predicted trends and who is using them.


Top 2018 trends


Be bold with colour choices 

Startup design trends

Love or hate them, gradients have made an astounding comeback. Pantone’s colour of the year (Ultra Violet) supports the rejection of simple colours, and embraces a more vibrant approach.


Focus on function 

Cut through the noise that stops your users from engaging with your brand. Focus on design for better UX and use micro-interactions to add flair instead of unnecessary design elements. 


Don’t be afraid of the hand-made

Illustration of hand made imagery

Custom illustrations will always be more powerful than stock imagery at capturing imagination and matching content.


Bold typography choices

Illustration of bold typography choices

“The key will be to look impressive and push creative boundaries” (Mindsparkle Mag - Behance).


Don’t forget this won’t be suitable for all types of text, people will still need to read it in most circumstances.



Responsive logo design explained

The demand for websites that respond to browser type and size has become a design convention over recent years. Brands are now pushing this even further with responsive logos.



Give your brand depth by telling your users a story. Doing this has so many benefits. Not only will it make your brand easier to remember, but it will also give it a more approachable personality meaning your users will be able to relate to it. Airbnb tell their customers stories to encourage other people to use their service.


Be aware

Understanding design trends can be a good barometer for how aesthetically pleasing your designs will be. As a founder, having your own awareness of design trends and conventions will help you work successfully with your design team.


Should your startup be following trends?

You should be designing for your customers - not other designers. This means you do not need follow design trends strictly. Design should be complementary to function, i.e your main focus is communicating to and enabling your customers. 


Keep it lean

Don’t be afraid to reject trends if they don’t fit with your brand's tone of voice, or if it’s not appropriate for your customers. It’s important to remember that trends can be fleeting. As a startup, you don’t want to waste time re-designing a website every time this happens. Embrace what works and push the boundaries... where it is appropriate.


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