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Why Do So Many Applications To VCs Get Rejected?

Advice on VC spplications

Dan Collins

Lead Startup Consultant

Updated 21 April 22



I hate rejecting a founder's startup application. It’s nothing personal. Often, the premise of the idea is really good but what lets them down is they haven’t taken their time in applying. 


It’s exactly like applying for a job. You wouldn’t apply to a position with a poorly written CV or without reading the job description (that’s no way to sell yourself), so why would you apply to a startup programme or a Venture Capitalist without understanding who they are, what they do and why they should invest in you?


Alongside this, as a founder your job is to convince the investors that the way you see the world is true and your startup can be a success - with research and evidence to back it up!


So myself along with investment managers Luke, Paul and Marketing Exec Megan, draw on our experiences at Nova to discuss why so many VC applications get rejected and the frequent mistakes founders make when applying. 👇



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