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Why, with Nova, one day a week is enough to start a tech startup


Megan Purcell

Digital Marketing Executive

Updated 24 October 18



As soon as you hear someone has decided to start their own business, it’s hard not to envisage sleepless nights, working weekends and of course giving up your day job. This is the reality for some startups, however, many of these riskier decisions needn’t be taken.

When your week is filled with meetings, household chores and ferrying the kids to and from school, starting a business feels impossible, but working around the clock just isn’t necessary.


Don’t give up the day job

A major deterrent for potential entrepreneurs is, of course, the risk of leaving a stable career. You’re trading a steady income for an exciting, but uncertain future. Nowadays, however, you just don’t have to. In fact, it would be silly to quit your job right away.


Creating financial risk, and putting overwhelming pressure on yourself to get it right the first time isn’t a great idea. Instead, utilise your time and use your steady pay checks to support yourself until you have a viable business offering.


Time is precious

Whether you decide to spend your time watching netflix, working overtime, or playing golf, choose to use it more wisely.


By simply finding enough hours that add up to one working day each week, starting a business could become your reality. This time doesn't even have to be a solid day a week. Instead, try breaking it up so it suits your own schedule.  


Do not do it alone

As part of the Cofoundery model, you are provided with investment, resources and a complete delivery team working full time. This allows you, as the founder, to focus your time on identifying a market, finding customers and scaling the growth of your business.


Not having the financial burden and having the support and direction from an experienced cross skilled team, means starting a business is far less risk averse than first meets the eye.


Learn how the Cofoundery model could help your startup.




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