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You don't have to be 'techy' to start a tech startup with Nova


Mariel Rubinstein

Articles by Nova’s Marketing Executive, Mariel Rubinstein.

Updated 24 October 18



There’s a common misconception that in order to launch a tech startup you need the ability to code apps in your sleep. Although some of the most acclaimed founders locked themselves away coding with a vision to change the world, you simply don’t need to be an expert developer to start a tech business.

Take Airbnb, for example. The platform for renting unique homes across the world was originally founded by two designers. They didn’t need coding expertise to discover if people liked their idea or find out if there was a demand for their product. What they did need was the passion to go out there and learn as much as they could.


And that’s exactly what they did. Today, Airbnb is worth over $30 billion.  


Focus on being a founder

Your job as a founder is not to spend all day coding. Before anyone writes a single line of code, you should be focusing on doing these 3 things:


  • Establish that you are solving a real problem in the world
  • Nail your target market
  • Focus on creating the right product


There is no point wasting a huge budget building a product, unless you have spent time validating your assumptions and working out if it’s a good idea. Even once you begin to build your product, you should continue to work on this. As you learn more about your users, your product will only evolve to be even better.


It’s all about your team

When you find you are ready to start building your product, the team you surround yourself with is crucial. The best thing about having a team of people working with you is that they can make up the skills you don’t have.

You don’t need to be an amazing developer, designer, marketeer, or product manager to create a successful business. What you do need to be good at is finding people who are good at those things. Cofounderies are one way to source a cross-skilled experienced team. Learn more about how they can help you here.


If you want to be a successful founder, just remember: get support, do your homework and learn along the way.




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