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Next cohort starting Spring 2022 - Apply Today

Sports & Wellness Startup Programme

Mentorship, investment and an experienced business team to build and grow your startup.


What to expect

  1. Firstly we mentor

    Founders receive mentoring through our online 'leanstack' programme. You will prove the validity of the problem, find users and develop a business plan to pitch to our investors.

  2. Secondly we explore

    We explore whether we are delivering desirable, feasible and viable solutions for the problem, through prototyping and real user feedback collected by the founder.

  3. Thirdly we validate

    Using continual feedback we evolve the prototype into a commercial product and work with the founder to validate a viable business plan and prove company growth.

  4. Finally we grow and scale

    Now we have the fundamentals of a startup and a proven business model our focus shifts to growing and then scaling the company.

What we offer

What we're
looking for

"Ambitious founders and teams at the pre-seed stage. Including solo-founders with just an idea; small teams with a prototype or MVP; or teams and established companies that are pre-significant funding or traction.

We're looking for people who are passionate about the problem they're trying to solve. We can then work alongside them, through our proven process, to accelerate their development into successful tech startups."

Andy Davidson




How much time will I have to commit?

As with anything the more time you can put in the programme the better progress you will make. The very minimum we recommend is a commitment of 6hrs / week (2hrs / week for the webinar content, plus 4hrs for completing the leanstack outputs and activities).

What are the start and end dates of the programme?

The programme officially begins on 12th April and culminates in a Demo Day where candidates will pitch for investment on 19th/20th May. However if you sign up before then you can start making progress and working through some of the course content in advance of this.

Can I complete this around work commitments?

Yes the programme has been designed specifically for ‘working entrepreneurs’ to fit around your existing commitments. The webinars and group sessions are scheduled in the evenings and the leanstack content and activities can be consumed and completed in your own time whenever is convenient.

Start your startup journey by applying for Nova’s Sports and Wellness Startup Programme